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The Story Behind... Faith, Hope and Charity

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I couldn't let the characters in Solemn Vows go. Kirsten needed her own story and nothing would do but for her to have a preacher hero. The only trouble was preachers didn't sell in New York. I shelved the idea until I found electronic publishing. Now I can write the stories of my heart with the strictures of the marketing gurus.

Faith, Hope and Charity is my first stab at an Inspirational romance. This book was written in fits and starts over way too long a period of time. I started it in January 2000 and finished it February 2004. In between I chaired a conference that became a full-time job and went through several major crises in my life, among them the loss of both my parents, two surgeries and having my son gone to serve in Operation Iraqi Freedom. The book did not end up being the story I started. I think it's better for the evolution brought on by my own faith journey.

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A woman with a past...

Faith, Hope and Charity cover coverFrom the moment Kirsten Hansen moves into the house across the street from St. Peter's Church, her life changes. Drawn by the music of the carillon, she finds herself in church, the last place she ever thought she'd be. Worse still, she's attracted to the preacher, the one man a woman like her can never have.

A grief-stricken man...

Widower Reverend Michael Holliman has found the solution to all his problems. Kirsten is a renter who treats the church's house as if it were her own, makes his spoiled daughter mind and gives the youth group the care and attention they deserve. The only drawback is that she stirs his senses and thaws his frozen heart. He doesn't have time to breathe, much less pursue the lady with the shadowed eyes.

Runaway teens...

St. Peter's offers shelter and warmth. How long can the runaways live in the youth room without getting caught?

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"Faith, Hope, and Charity is a great read, very emotional, and inspirational. The author has described Christian charity at it's best. Author Ginny McBlain is a gifted author and this reviewer looks forward to reading many more works by Ms. McBlain."~~Penny, forFallen Angel Reviews.
"Faith, Hope and Charity is a heartwarming, inspirational read. ...I must commend Ms. McBlain on the wonderful and inspirational book that Faith, Hope and Charity is. ..I can recommend this story as one not to be missed..."~~Diana Risso, for Romance Reviews Today.
"... a story of spiritual awakening and growth. The gradual conversion of Kirsten is beautiful to follow. Michael's dedication to his church, his child and his God is touching and uplifting. Ginny McBlain is a master story teller. ...she tells a love story that is a joy to read and a treat to experience. This is a wonderful book. I highly recommend it."~~Barri Bryan, author of A World Apart.

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