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The Story Behind... Heart Broken, Heart Whole

Heart Broken, Heart Whole cover

This is the second book I wrote, although it was the first published. The story idea came from my experience sitting with two separate families while their infant daughters underwent open heart surgery. Watching the emotion-both ups and downs-of the families in the waiting room was eye opening. I was allowed to go into the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and encouraged to talk to and touch the sickest of the two girls. That was unexpected. My assumption had been only family members would be allowed in PICU. Seeing all the IV lines and monitors on that tiny body was unsettling.

The whole experience stuck with me. I couldn't forget it and came to the conclusion that I must write a story in which a child needed open heart surgery.

It took a long time and a ton of research on various heart defects to decide to write about tetralogy of Fallot. I'm not a medical professional, which made this book more difficult to write. I researched with a medical textbook in one hand and a medical dictionary in the other. Fortunately I had the help of professionals to walk me through the details. Heart Broken, Heart Whole has been read by several medical people. They said I'd done a good job with that aspect.

Of course, since I wrote it, the story is a romance, one I hope is satisfying to romance fans.

Can she trust him with her daughter's life?

Heart Broken,Heart Whole coverA life-altering accident left Gray Townsend with a shattered leg and a shattered dream. The doctors were unsure if he would ever walk again. His father convinced Gray that saddling a wife with a cripple was unfair. Although he broke his engagement to Amanda, Gray never stopped loving her.

When divorced mother, Amanda Wagner, brings her daughter to a pediatric cardiologist in Omaha, Nebraska, the last person she expects to see is her former fiancé. Can she trust the man who broke her heart to heal her child?

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Named A Perfect 10 by Romance Reviews Today: "Ms. McBlain has penned an emotional and heartwarming story ... HEART BROKEN, HEART WHOLE is a captivating story from the prologue to the last chapter, I highly recommend this e-book."  ~~Debbie Gilbert
"Ms. McBlain is a master at depicting the inner reaches of the human heart, the hurts, fears, and joys of a relationship. HEART BROKEN, HEART WHOLE is no exception. Grab it and be prepared for a wonderful read, one that will, in the end, leave you sighing and wanting more books from this incredible author."  ~~Under the Covers Reviews

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